Special Invites for SKAL and SATSA members

An invite to a 3-in-one educational which meant a sleep over at Mountain Manor, DINNER at GOLD restaurant and a LUNCH aboard the Floating ALBA. Those members that took us up on our offer were treated to a wonderful time. Unfortunately the ALBA’s annual refurbishment took longer than expected but Agents can still make [...]

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July & August 2019 – Open Days

We hosted tremendously successful OPEN DAYS every Wednesday through July and August months.  Tour Guides, Travel agents and Tour Operator were invited to attend the showcasing of the MOUNTAIN MANOR PROPERTIES. Super networking followed during a light lunch and many connections were developed. We would like to thank the following Suppliers for supporting and [...]

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September 19th – Rhebokskloof Wines

Representative: Henrico van Lill AMBIENCE GLASSWARE Representative – Alan Fitt What’s in your glass, and what IS your glass?   Well, what a fascinating evening this was! Not only were we treated to a tasting of the most enjoyable range of affordable and approachable wines from Rhebokskloof Wine Estate, from the Paarl Valley, but [...]

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July 18th – Dornier Wines

Representative: Meagan de Villiers & Candice Franken Artistry in a Bottle Another month goes by, and another fun evening of tasting wine comes around again! It would appear that word is getting out among the wine producers, as for the third time in four months, the wine estate sends two of its best along, [...]

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June 13th – Journey’s End Vineyards

Winemaker: Leon Esterhuizen Minimal Interference Winemaking This particular event was our first wine tasting evening where the winemaker wasn’t present, but at Mountain Manor, nothing will stop us from enjoying our monthly wine tasting evenings. National Sales Manager Janine Lategan guided us through the wines of Journey’s End, which is situated on the south-facing [...]

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May 16th – Remhoogte Wine Estate

Winemaker: Chris Boustred The Boustred Brothers’ Double Act with no brakes When you encounter a family-owned wine estate, the passion is crystal clear, and the evening that the Boustred Brothers, Chris and Rob, came to town, it was clear that they live, eat and breathe Remhoogte Wines. The name Remhoogte is originally Dutch, meaning [...]

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April 18th – Haskell Vineyards

Winemaker: Rudolph Steenkamp Gold medal wines, from the Golden Triangle The west-facing slopes of The Helderberg Mountain, between Stellenbosch and Somerset West, is an area known as The Golden Triangle. Not to be confused with The Bermuda Triangle, nothing goes missing here! On the contrary, when it comes to wines, many of the finest [...]

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March 14th – Malanot Wines

Winemaker: Marius Malan It’s all about the balance, Baby. It’s a common misconception among wine drinkers that in order to produce the best wines, you have to own a wine estate. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as Marius Malan showed us during his visit to Mountain Manor on 14th March. Marius is [...]

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Four Paws wine Estate – Wines with Pedigree

Valentines Day – 14th February – was the ideal date to introduce these lovely pedigree wines. Four Paws is a Franschhoek-based wine producer, with a focus on creating approachable, enjoyable wines. Anne Jakubeic, who is one of the Directors of the estate, brought along her fine collection of their aptly names feline range of [...]

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