Disabled Facilities at Mountain Manor

We offer the following facilities:

A ramp from the front gate into our property – it is a little bit steep, but serves the purpose of wheelchair access.
Front door is 83 cm wide. We have a raised toilet seat for higher toilet use should this be necessary.

Our downstairs bedrooms which can facilitate easy movement are as follows:

Room 1 – Geranium Suite
Door is 83 cm wide
An open planned bedroom with twin beds
A bath in the middle of the room with hand spray system
Open toilet with access from the left hand side of toilet
Open hand basin with front access

Room 2 – Executive Suite – King Protea Suite
Doorway – 78,5cm wide
Large King-sized extra length bed
Doorway into bathroom is 82 cm wide
Large bath, toilet access from front and left hand side of toilet
Shower, but a small step up (10cm) and double doors opening from centre

Room 3 – Suite
Doorway is 82 cm wide
Double bedded room with easy access from right hand side of bed
Bathroom door is 75 cm wide
ONLY a shower in this suite, but a small step up (10cm)
Toilet access is from left hand side of toilet

Suite 17 – Aloe Vera Suite – 2 bed roomed Self-Catering Suite
2 bedrooms both with twin beds –main room doors open completely and fold away giving free access into lounge area
Doorway into suite is 79 cm wide
Doorway into second bedroom is 79 cm wide
Doorway into bathroom is 73 cm wide
Toilet is open with front and left hand side of toilet access
Bath – has a ledge around it and allows a seat before moving body around into bath
Shower above the bath
Open access into kitchen area which flows onto a small patio area overlooking the pool

Front Gate Entrance

Steps and Ramp


Ramp into Dining Room and Entertainment Area

Ramp to Outside and Self-Catering Suites

Ramp to Outside

Entrance into Self-Catering Suite

Room 1 – Geranium Suite

Available Toilet Seat Raiser

Room 1 – Open Plan

Room 2 – King Protea Suite

Room 2 – Spacious Bathroom

Room 3

Room 3 – Shower

Room 17 – Main Room

Suite 17 – Kitchen

Suite 17 – Bathroom

Suite 17 – Twin Bedroom Fuller

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