Representative: Meagan de Villiers & Candice Franken

Artistry in a Bottle

Another month goes by, and another fun evening of tasting wine comes around again! It would appear that word is getting out among the wine producers, as for the third time in four months, the wine estate sends two of its best along, to handle the Mountain Manor crowd! Don’t get us wrong, they’re a pretty well-behaved bunch, but they can get thirsty…! Fortunately, Meagan and Candice from Dornier Wines handled the crowd very well, and we managed to get through a flight of nine wines before the evening was officially declared finished.

Dornier Wines nestles in the Blaauwklippen Valley on the southern edges of Stellenbosch, slap bang in the middle of The Stellenbosch Golden Triangle, so you know straight away that the wines are going to be special.

From the lifestyle Cocoa Hill Range, through to the flagship duo of the Donatus Red and the Donatus White, choosing a favourite was exceptionally difficult, such was the quality of the wines. Dornier produces 18 different wines, and with additional single varietals such as a Petit Verdot, Tempranillo and Semillon, there really is a wine for everyone’s taste. White wines range from the crisp to full-bodied wooded, while the reds range from light and fruity to a huge, grippy Old World. We’re going to arrange a more intimate evening in the future, to taste the wines that we didn’t get around to this time – watch this space!

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