Winemaker: Chris Boustred

The Boustred Brothers’ Double Act with no brakes

When you encounter a family-owned wine estate, the passion is crystal clear, and the evening that the Boustred Brothers, Chris and Rob, came to town, it was clear that they live, eat and breathe Remhoogte Wines.

The name Remhoogte is originally Dutch, meaning “Braking Heights.” Huh? Well, the farm is on a steep hillside, west of Stellenbosch on the R44. In the early 19th century, ox wagons would be advised to apply their brakes prior to making the descent.

Many of the Remhoogte vines are planted on these steep slopes, and provide the best grapes, to make the best wines.

When Chris and Rob presented the range of Remhoogte wines, their double act was, beside the wonderful wines, the high point of the evening. One would expect Rob, the Marketing Manager, to have been the one with all the words, but Chris’ eloquent passion for the wines held the guests enthralled, and Rob was happy to be the wine waiter for most the evening!

Chris, rather poetically, said “I love opening a bottle of wine, it is like unlocking a time and a place.” One should embrace this philosophy every time you open a good bottle of wine, if only to consider the time, place, effort and processes involved in creating it.

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