Representative: Henrico van Lill


Representative – Alan Fitt

What’s in your glass, and what IS your glass?


Well, what a fascinating evening this was!

Not only were we treated to a tasting of the most enjoyable range of affordable and approachable wines from Rhebokskloof Wine Estate, from the Paarl Valley, but Alan Fitt from Ambience Glassware came along with some of their products, to demonstrate just how important it is to have the right glassware for your wines.

Nick (from abuzzWine) admitted that he had always been sceptical about wine glass companies insisting that not only did you need the right shape of wine glass, but that the glass also had to be made out of the finest materials. Alan dispelled this myth by offering us a direct comparison between two wine glasses. All the guests (Nick included) agreed that the quality and shape of the glass had a profound effect on the flavour of the wine! We also discovered that top quality wine glasses don’t necessarily carry a hefty price tag!

And what flavours the wines gave us! From the welcoming glass of deliciously dry bubbly (usually only available for functions at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate, but we had exclusive access to it!), through the fruity Hillside White and Chenin Blanc, right through to the range of big, full-on red wines from the unique climate and terroir of this tiny valley of the Paarl Mountain, creating unique wines, extremely drinkable, and extremely affordable.

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