Representative: Henrico van Lill

The Evolution of the Co-operative

We always learn something new at the Mountain Manor Wine Tasting Evenings.

At our October event, we tasted just a few of the vast range of wines from Overhex Wines International – three from their lifestyle “Balance” range, which we’ve probably all seen in the stores, and three from their premium “Survivor” range, which is not always easy to find (although, of course, you can always order it from abuzzWine!).

Even though the Balance wines are categorised as “lifestyle” wines, the quality of the wines was far higher than that which was expected. Guests were welcomed with refreshing bubbly – Winemaker’s Selection Boldly Brut, and followed by a crisp and delightful Pinot Grigio.

In order to maintain the palate, we switched to the Survivor Barrel Select Chenin Blanc – a wonderful expression of South Africa’s favourite grape, and the barrel maturation really gives the wine loads of body, and coaxes out more fruit flavours than you would usually find in a straight unwooded chenin.

We returned to the Balance label, with the hugely popular Merlot, and then headed into big, bold territory, with the award-winning Survivor Pinotage (top 10 in SA), and finishing with the Wild Yeast Syrah, a massive red wine, with complex layers and characteristics, and a finish that lingered well into the night!

Overhex has come a long way from being a co-operative, and is now producing wines that can be enjoyed every wine lover.

…but what did we learn that was new? Well, the story goes that a truck laden with Nguni cows was passing the Overhex Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, when one of the passengers decided that she would quite like to alight from the moving vehicle. She survived the leap (the “Survivor”), thrived, and has produced several offspring. Embodying the free spirit of the Swartland, the range of wines pay tribute to the noble Nguni, Survivor.


More info about Overhex Wines International: https://www.overhex.com/

More info about Survivor Wines: https://survivorwines.com/

Buy Overhex and Survivor Wines: support@abuzzwine.co.za